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Discover Mississippi Hippie Co: Where Southern Charm Meets Boho Chic                                             

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          Hey y'all, welcome to Mississippi Hippie Co! I'm Shelly Starrett, the creative spirit behind Mississippi Hippie Co, your ultimate destination for distinctive fashion and home decor nestled in the charming community of Progress, Ms.
After loving the experience of running two brick-and-mortar stores, I ventured into the online world with excitement. Though it presented its unique challenges, my passion for discovering the perfect pieces, from stylish blouses to cozy rugs, has never been stronger.
I've poured my heart into Mississippi Hippie Co, hoping you'll see the dedication behind every curated item. This boutique isn't just a business; it's a piece of my soul, shared with you.
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Why Choose Us?

  • Unique Fashion Finds:From boho chic dresses to modern urban wear, our collections are curated to reflect the latest trends and timeless classics.
  • Home Decor That Tells a Story: Elevate your space with our selection of sustainable and artisanal home accents, each piece chosen to bring warmth and personality to your home.
  • Community & Connection: We're more than a boutique; we're a community of fashion enthusiasts and decor lovers who cherish individual expression and sustainability.

 Our commitment at Mississippi Hippie Co centers on your satisfaction, offering more than just products—we aim to deliver experiences that inspire, comfort, and spark joy.

With every carefully selected piece, from cozy throws to breezy blouses, we infuse a dose of Southern hospitality into our service, promising quality and a personal touch.

As we invite you to join our journey, let us guide you in expressing your unique vibe, enhancing both your wardrobe and living spaces with our  selections.

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